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About Our Team

Creative People. Faithful Servants. Forward Thinkers. Compassionate Spirits. Empathetic Hearts.

Our Experience

With over 50 years of experience in the church or in corporate organizations to using their gifts and talents to fulfill the ultimate purpose of the Church.

Our Philosophy

Serving with a degree of divinely ordained excellence, where Christ is first and His church is a close second!

The daily administration and management of Central have become quite complex in recent years. This is due in part to the significant membership growth that we have experienced since the late 1990s. In 1998, Central’s average attendance at one Sunday morning worship was less than 250. Combining the two services we now have on Sundays, our average attendance is about 850. We have doubled the number of ministries that offer various services to disciples and the general community. While this is great news, it is important to remember that planning, organizing and monitoring the various services, activities and events require the steadfast dedication of several individuals who work day and night to keep things running smoothly. Most people only know about and see the end products, such as the weekly worship services, annual revivals, the church summit, the Church Anniversary, and this course. What they don’t see are the people behind the scenes, the staff members (Executive Team, Office Staff, Key Officers, & Associate Ministers) who are responsible for the daily operations of the church. Indeed, they are true leaders. Without them, Central would not be the awesome church that it is.

Our Executive Team

A committed team with a passion for ministry.

  • Varon Johnson
  • Reverend Dr. Alice C. Price
  • Marjorie Price Patton, BA, MS, MA
  • Reverend Christopher Watkins
  • Varon Johnson

    Varon Johnson

    A/V & Media Chairperson

    Varon Johnson has been coming to Central for over 30 years, but he has been an active disciple for the past 10 years. His parents (Deacons James & Ollie Johnson) have been here for 30 plus years. Mr. Johnson felt that he wasn't growing spiritually at his last Church, so when he heard Pastor Scott preach and teach, he and his wife decided what a better place to worship. He is so glad that they made the decision to come to Central. He has experienced tremendous spiritual growth since being here.

  • Reverend Dr. Alice C. Price

    Reverend Dr. Alice C. Price

    Executive Pastor

    Reverend Dr. Alice C. Price was born in Chicago, Illinois, where she lived until the age of nine. She and her immediate family moved to Minneapolis, MN during the early 1960s. After graduating from high school, Minister Price completed a BA in Black Studies at Carleton College in Northfield, MN and a MA in Communications (Broadcast Journalism) from the University of Minnesota. She married in the late 70s and God blessed that union with three children: Angelique, Eric Jr., and Maya.

  • Marjorie Price Patton, BA, MS, MA

    Marjorie Price Patton, BA, MS, MA

    Music Administrator

    Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Marjorie Patton is a lifelong member of Central Baptist Church. She attended the St. Louis Public Schools and attended Maryville University in St. Louis, MO, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with an emphasis in Music. She earned a Masters of Science in Computer Education from Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO, and completed a Masters of Arts in Education Leadership Administration from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN. She studied classical piano at Maryville University under the tutelage and private instruction of Ms. Georgegeffe.

  • Reverend Christopher Watkins

    Reverend Christopher Watkins

    Minister of Music

    Reverend Christopher J. Watkins is a noted director, composer and musician. Humility and sincerity best describes this music minstrel from the gateway to the west, St. Louis, Missouri. Christopher began playing the piano and organ at church in his early teens under the leadership of his mother, Anita Watkins-Stevens, who is also a noted musician and composer. Christopher received his formal education through the University City School District and later on through Webster University in St. Louis, MO.

Our Supportive & Efficient Office Staff

Ready to serve with the congregation, the community, and the executive team.

  • Administrative Assistant to the Executive Pastor

    Administrative Assistant to the Executive Pastor

    Sister Princena Davis

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
  • Lead Sexton

    Lead Sexton

    Brother Kevin Banks

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
  • Assistant Sexton

    Assistant Sexton

    Brother Alonzo Hicks

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
  • Church Caterers

    Church Caterers

    Bennie & Danish Williams

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
  • Church Nursery

    Church Nursery

    Sister Shanna Kerr

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3
  • Transportation Ministry

    Transportation Ministry

    Currently Unavailable

    • Task 1
    • Task 2
    • Task 3

Our Key Officers

Faithfully serving out of a deep love of Christ and fierce commitment to effective ministry.

Church Clerk

Church Clerk

Sister Rosemary Brunson

Church Treasurer

Sister Pamela Brown

Our Associate Ministers

Those who answered the call to serve and work out that ministry assignment at Central.

  • Reverend Tracey Mack
  • Reverend Tracy Watkins
  • Reverend Timothy Major
  • Reverend Tracey Mack

    Reverend Tracey Mack

    • Co-Chair, Marriage Ministry
    • Co-Chair, POWER Ministry
  • Reverend Tracy Watkins

    Reverend Tracy Watkins

    • Youth Ministry Leader
  • Reverend Timothy Major

    Reverend Timothy Major

    • Co-Advisor, Young Adult Ministry
    • Combined Choir & Praise Team

  • Minister Jonathan Holmes

    Minister Jonathan Holmes

    • Media Ministry
    • Crisis Intervention Ministry
  • Minister Rozina Little

    Minister Rozina Little

    • Co-Chair, Creative Arts Minsitry
    • Womens Ministry
  • Minister Ronald Barrington Packnet

    Minister Ronald Barrington Packnet

  • Minister Regina Purnell-Gray

    Minister Regina Purnell-Gray

    Minister Purnell-Gray came to St. Louis from Chicago to attend Eden Theological Seminary. After visiting several churches of her classmates she tuned the Central Baptist Church radio braodcast (Sunday's at 9AM, Hallelujah 1600AM) and heard Pastor Scott unapologetically standing on the Word of God.

    Ministry Involvement:
    • Echos Class
    • Women of Central

    How and why I serve in ministry?
    "I know my story and what God has done for me. I always try to be nice and welcoming to any person because you don't know what it took for them to get where they are nor do you know their story."

    Favorite Scripture:
    Isaiah 40:31, KJV
    But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
  • Minister Robert Redmond

    Minister Robert Redmond

    • Chair, Christian Education Department
    • COUER Board Member
  • Minister Reagan Williams

    Minister Reagan Williams

    • Usher Minsitry

How to Contact Us

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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  • Church Address:
  • 2842 Washington Blvd
  • St. Louis, MO 63103
  • Mailing Address:
  • 2845 Washington Blvd
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  • FAX 314.533.6084

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